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Check Out These Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach

It's so crazy to think our weekend getaway to Virginia Beach is here and gone. We were originally supposed to go in 2020 for my husband to run the Shamrock Marathon. He trained so hard in hopes this would be his Boston qualifying run. Unfortunately, it was cancelled weeks before due to COVID.

The 2022 Shamrock Marathon came post a few health issues for the hubby, so this time around his goal was to just cross that finish and he sure did! In between mile marker stops to cheer him on and our exploring of the Virginia Beach, I of course had to taste test the cities cold brews. So, here are 3 coffee shops in Virginia Beach to check out!

Bad Ass Coffee

Located on 18th Street about a half a mile from the oceanfront, Bad Ass Coffee was probably my favorite vibe! Bright blues and surfboards welcome us inside. This is definitely a coffee shop for coffee lovers and those who want to be coffee lovers but need all the fancy flavorings to really be able to sip it back. Their menu was abundant and I went against my regular cold brew choice to try out their Island Bloom Latte mixed with lavender and coconut.

If you ever make it here, PLEASE try this! It was SO good and with the amazing 70ish degree weather Virginia Beach had that weekend, it was the perfect mix.

Fathom Coffee

After I cheered on my husband at the 14 mile marker, I took a brisk one mile walk over to Fathom Coffee. It's located in the ViBe Creative District and I loved the quaint feel of this shop. No frills. Just simple, delicious coffee. I caved for my normal nitro cold brew and the barista threw a little lavender and vanilla in.

Fathom knows how to make a coffee! She flavor didn't overpower the simple sweet taste of the cold brew and I sipped it all the way to the finish line to wave my husband through!

Three Ships Coffee

I don't think I realized there was a closer Three Ships than the one we went to, but it was perfect to stop for coffee on our way out of town. Three Ships has more of a limited menu, but they still had cold brew so thumbs up to that. It's also cool to see the roastery attached. A coffee nerd like me had to check it out and the seating areas seems like a cool place to get work done!


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