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Escape everyday reality in one of these down-to-earth novels knowing that when the story is done, you’ll feel empowered, overly caffeinated and yearning to hitch a ride to your next epic adventure.


Is their love strong enough to survive the truth or will one secret destroy it all?

It’s almost impossible to find the kind of love you hear in a song, but Celia and Jesse’s came pretty close. That was until one night threw a wrench in their whirlwind romance and led them to the last place they thought they’d end up – alone.


When Jesse asks for time apart, Celia heads back to her hometown of Hamden where she’s about to learn that even though you can escape the bright lights of Nashville you can’t hide from the truth.


Deep in the Tennessee mountains Celia must take a walk down memory lane to find out if history will repeat itself or if her and Jesse have what it takes to find their way back to each other.

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She's the hottest music blogger in Nashville. A night out with a rockstar is part of the job...until he ends up in her bed.

I’ve seen it all in the music industry. The fame, the fortune, the one-night stands and the heartbreak, but there’s one thing I’ve never seen once the stage lights go dark…love. They can flirt and they can beg, but I’ll never be taking any of them home to my bed. That’s what I successfully kept telling myself for the five years I’ve ruled the journalism world of country music. That’s until Jesse Rockford walked into my life.

His eyes, those lips, the way he so deliberately brushes up against me. I was only supposed to meet with him for an interview. An interview that quickly leads to lust, temptation and eventually to his bed.

If only it were that easy…

If only I could give in to the way he makes my body tremble, but he’s off limits for so many reasons. The two of us together would cause a whirlwind of destruction if anyone were to ever find out.

It has to be a one-time thing…until it isn’t and then suddenly, we’re risking everything for our longing desire to be together between the sheets.


Wesley Kade

North Carolina was supposed to be my fresh start, but instead I’m still stuck in this endless cycle of guilt and grief for what I lost. I’m a disaster and romance is so far off my radar it’s laughable…until I met her. A chance meeting in the elevator with the girl down the hall gives me something I never thought I’d have again. Hope. Too bad after what I did, I don’t deserve it…or her.


Rylan Bradley 


I haven’t exactly been lucky in love and the walls I’ve built up around my heart are like a fortress, but… there’s something about my sexy, new neighbor that makes me want to tear down every last one of them. I can see it, though. He has secrets. A past that haunts him. He’s a tragic heartbreak waiting to happen. So why can’t I stay away?

a fateful night, an old flame & an unrea
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Haylie Julian married her college sweetheart in the most Sweet Home Alabama way there is. Then, she left her small-town life for big city dreams and now everything has changed.

Where is the fun-living, light-hearted husband who helped her pick out paint colors for their new home? He’s now an overworked attorney, obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder and soon she’s waking up next to someone she barely recognizes. Secretive phone calls and late nights at the office leave her with endless questions about where she stands.

In the midst of digging for answers, Haylie discovers a heartbreaking truth. One that will take her to the beaches of Kettlewood Island and on a journey to falling back in love with the one person who matters most- herself.


Tear Stained Beaches is an emotionally gripping story about the ultimate betrayal and how one woman is left to decide if true strength means holding on or letting go.

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