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A Day in Pinehurst, North Carolina

One of the focuses in my latest work in progress is the opening of the new town wine shop. The story revolves around 3 childhood friends who reunited when one of them decided to build a legacy in their hometown by opening up the first wine shop!

I wanted to make sure all the details were perfect when it comes to my readers envisioning the wine shop. The only real way to do that was to step inside. So, my husband and I took a day trip to Pinehurst, North Carolina. While researching online, I discovered that they had a village wine shop right in the middle of their adorable downtown. I wanted to see it in person and take in every detail.


The photo above is the entrance to the wine shop in Pinehurst. There are brick lined sidewalks that lead right up to it. They extend all through the town. It was so incredibly charming and I definitely left with some great inspiration!

Here's a little recap of our day date in Pinehurst

If you're looking for this to do in Pinehurst, North Carolina, I hope this helps!

When we arrived, we of course had to find a local coffee shop before we started exploring. The Roast Office is a cute coffee shop located inside Pinehurst's old post office. It's now a library. Hello! Books and coffee? Is there a better combination?

Once we had our coffee in hand, we headed to The Pinehurst Olive Oil Company. We LOVE buying local olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Just around the corner, on Magnolia Road, is the Village Wine Shop. We snuck in there so I could do some "research." It's directly across the street from The Magnolia Inn, a staple of history in Pinehurst that dates back to 1896.

Besides coffee shops, my husband and I like to explore breweries. He's a huge beer buff. It seemed only right that we enjoy lunch and a beer at Pinehurst Brewing Co. Then, we drove around the Pinehurst Resort just for fun.

Below are some other fun photos from our trip. ⠀⠀


What’s your favorite kind of wine? I'm "that girl" when it comes to wine. I love love Italian Moscato. ⠀


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