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Traveling & Wine Drinking in Venice, Italy

I put up a poll on Instagram asking my lovely friends if they'd rather be sipping coffee in the mountains or wine in Italy. 70% preferred drinking wine in Italy! I don’t blame them! Though I love a good coffee on the front porch swing of a cabin the mountains, it’s a magnificent experience to sip wine in Italy. So, I thought I’d share what it was like to experience Venice.

My best friend from college and I took a 12 day Mediterranean cruise. We had a day and half in Venice for one of our stops. Day 1 we bought a day ticket for the water taxi and made the most of it. Our first stop of course was Venice and let me tell you, there are so many cool things to do in Venice! As soon as we hopped off the boat, we walked to the nearest gelato place and indulged! Then, we walked around exploring everything from cafes to shops and took a stroll around St. Marcs Square. After a couple of hours, we hopped back on the water taxi to make our way around the other islands.

I absolutely LOVED Lido and am determined to bring my husband there one day! After taking in the scenery here we headed to Murano, the land of glass!! We spent a lot of time shopping and learning the history of glass making.

Mid afternoon we stopped at a cafe for pizza and I ordered a glass of Moscato. It was on my bucket list to sip a glass of my favorite wine in Italy! We were in no hurry. We hung out for awhile before heading back to the taxi where we got stuck in a serious storm that we had to wait out on the water. Once it calmed down we were brought back ashore to Venice and finished out the rest of our time watching the gondolas from the bridge up above.

I highly recommend a trip to Venice while you can. It's absolutely magical! Is drinking wine in Italy on your bucket list?!

P.S. This experience of course is pre-pandemic


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