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So, You Want to Write a Book

HAPPY NATIONAL AUTHOR'S DAY!! This blog is for everyone who's ever wanted to write a book! You wanna write a book, but you’re afraid it’s going to be terrible…. Oh my gosh have I been there! That moment right before I hit publish, I always wonder, “what if nobody likes it?”

But how will you know if the book never gets written. I’ve gotten so many messages over the years from readers about how Haylie’s story in Tear Stained Beaches inspired them to make a change. How it motivated them, helped them to love themselves and leave situations that no longer served them.

You could be sitting on a book that could change someone’s life!!

Don’t be discouraged by the first draft. It’s not going to be perfect. In fact, it’s probably going to be awful. I personally think all my first drafts are, but we need them to get all the thoughts out.

Then from there we start piecing things together to create what ultimately goes out into the world.

Don’t be afraid… WRITE THE BOOK!! Press play for a little fun inspiration!


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