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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

  • Slip your phone in a zip-lock bag before heading to the beach. This will allow you to still be able to use it while keeping it free of sand and saltwater

  • Bring baby powder! When your beach day is over, you know you’ll be bringing some of the beach home with you. Sprinkling baby powder on your skin before you get in the car will help to dry your skin and the sand will fall off easier!

  • Fill a couple water bottles with water halfway and freeze overnight. Before you leave for the beach, fill them the rest of the way with water. Not only will you have cold water to drink for the day, but they’ll also serve as an ice pack to save room in your cooler!

  • Once you get to the beach, set your alarm to reapply sunscreen. Sometimes we get so carried away with all the fun, we forget the necessities. Setting your alarm will serve as a helpful reminder when it’s time to freshen up your sunscreen so you don’t leave looking like a lobster!


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