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5 things I’m so glad I did for our wedding!!⁣

⁣I feel like when you get engaged, you know you're about to hop on a wild ride of wedding planning, but you never really know all the details and what really matters until you're in the thick of it. That's why I thought this blog would be helpful for newly engaged couples about to get started!

Here are 5 things I'm so glad I did for our wedding!

1. Hired a wedding planner. My wedding planner was worth EVERY penny! Two weeks before the wedding I was able to completely relax. Our timeline was done, all the details ironed out and she handled everything from there on out. If anything went wrong on the big day, I still don’t know about it because she was amazing! ⁣

2. Dueling Piano Band. If you haven’t considered a dueling piano band, please do! They were an absolute blast! The best entertainment ever! ⁣All our guests were requesting songs and the dance floor was always active!

3. We bought our table linens. They were MUCH cheaper than renting them and we sold them afterwards.⁣ Our wedding planner put them on all the tables. We just had to drop them off to her.

4. Downsized the flowers. I downsized my bouquet and the girl’s bouquets to save a little money and they still came out fabulous! The price difference from my original quote covered our donut and cupcake bar.⁣

5. Usable wedding favors! We searched high and low for favors and at the last minute we put our heads together and came up with our mason jar lemonade and sweet tea favors with paper straws. We only ended up with about 10 leftover and I hear from everyone how they are still using their mason jars.⁣

6. Donut and Cupcake Bar. This went over SO SO WELL with all of our guests. They absolutely LOVED having options and by doing this I was able to satisfy all dietary requirements. We had a one tier cake to cut and take home for us. I ordered cute little bags for guests to take home leftovers and they did. We really didn't have much to take back with us.

I’ll probably come up with more and do another post, but those were top of my mind!!

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Photos by Indigo Charlotte


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