Tear Stained Beaches

Haylie Julian wants nothing more than to put her crumbling marriage back together. Chase used to be a fun-loving, light hearted husband who had lately become an overworked attorney obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder.  It isn’t long before Haylie starts waking up next to a man she barely knows. His secretive phone calls and late nights at the office leave her feeling alone and afraid of what he might be hiding.  Ignoring his continuous pleas to just leave well enough alone, she continues to dig for answers and discovers a heartbreaking truth.

Struggling with what she has just learned, Haylie sets off to a quaint little North Carolina beach town to decide if her marriage can survive. It isn’t long after she arrives that her world is once again turned upside down as Chase’s secret stares her right in the face.

Tear Stained Beaches explores what happens when a marriage isn’t the happily-ever-after you thought it was. Can trust be rebuilt? Can a wife forgive the ultimate betrayal?

What Readers Are Saying!

“I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. Oh did I say I LOVED this book. OK…just as long as we are all on the same page. This story has it all. Wonderfully developed characters with an amazing story. Ms. Giardina could have given us the usual story we’ve come to expect from many authors but she doesn’t. She give us story with warts and all. This book is WELL worth your time and effort so please take a chance on this wonderful story. I am very glad I did.”

“I have to admit when I first read this I was expecting heart break and a happy ending… needless to say it was so much more! It was sad and heart breaking, the plot twist near the end… just SAD! As I was reading I felt like I was really experiencing the story.”

“I would definitely recommend this book! It was a great read and I was immediately pulled in. I could feel the same emotions the main character, Haylie, could feel. I was feeling anxiety and despair right along with her through some awesome description and great explanation by the author.”

Fun Facts

The beaches where Haylie goes to clear her mind were inspired by those near Wilmington, NC

Characters in the novel were named after some of Courtney's real childhood friends

Haylie wen to college at Schroeder University, an ode to Courtney's hometown high school