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You Hold the Power

My book is officially in a bookstore!!! Yes, you read the right! Autographed copies of Falling in London are now available for purchase at The Next Chapter Books in New Bern, North Carolina! It took A LOT to get me to this day and I’m about to get a little sentimental on why :)

Why did it take me 8 years to get my book in a bookstore? Well, there’s the technicality that a lot of bookstores don’t like to accept books printed through Amazon, but the real answer is… I just never thought I was good enough.

I talk a lot about the value of self-worth and believing in yourself because I’m such a firm believer that life is too short not to live out our passions. The truth, it has taken me a very long time to understand that I too am worthy of that kind of life. My husband has been trying to encourage me to go around to local bookstores for years, but I would always say, “no one is going to buy it.” Even after 8 years and thousands of books sold through Amazon, that was my thought process. I’ve received dozens of messages since the release of Tear Stained Beaches from people I’ve never met. They have thanked me for writing stories that inspired and encouraged them. Yet, somehow I still believed, I wasn’t good enough to have a book in a bookstore. My husband and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in New Bern. We stumbled upon Next Chapter Books and somehow he convinced me to go inside and ask. The wonderful woman behind the counter said yes without hesitation. So, I went home, signed a handful of Falling in London paperbacks, and shipped them out to her. AND GUESS WHAT?!? A couple of weeks ago, I received a commission check in the mail from that bookstore. Someone bought my book! I cried and my husband told me that we’re going to frame that check. That check stands for more than just a book sale. That check is a reminder of what can happen when you start to trust in your abilities. It’s a symbol of courage and strength. That check will forever be a memento of what is possible when you just believe.

Is there something you've been wanting to do, but you're too afraid to try? Here's my advice to you. Think about all the amazing things that could happen if you took the leap. Imagine them all and then say to yourself, "I deserve that." Then, go do it! You have that power. Just believe!

Courtney G. Foutz is a women fiction & cozy mystery author. To date, she's published 7 novels. Her 8th is set to be released in February 2022. She's also an actress represented in the southeast and an avid traveler. Her bucket list dream is to be in a Hallmark Christmas movie


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