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These Are the Best Places to Grab a Coffee in Blue Haven!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Another blog post from my latest cozy mystery, Break-In & Eggs! In this one, Von Reklaw is giving you all the info on where to spot the best coffee in the lovely fictional town of Blue Haven, North Carolina!


Did you know you could spend an entire week in Blue Haven and not sip the same coffee twice? The Blue Haven boardwalk is blessed to have so many amazing coffee choices. Here are my recommendations for how to go about having the best coffee adventure.

On Sundays you get a free coffee with every donut purchased at Blue Haven Donuts. That’s a no-brainer. Kick your Monday off at Lattes All Day, because that’s the day you can get a free refill after 4 pm. Bring your appetite on a Tuesday to Peaches Cafe. They offer twofers on their coffee so be sure to bring a friend. On Wednesday be sure to stop at Benny’s Pancake House because, well, you can’t leave Blue Haven without saying you went to Benny’s. Thursdays are definitely meant for Sid’s Soda Shop, where you can try the town’s famous vanilla coffee float. On Friday you don’t even have to leave your beach towel, because the coffee wagon will come to you, and of course on Saturday you’ll find The Ground Coffee Truck while you shop the market.

Seven more reasons to come visit Blue Haven! It’ll be hard to choose a favorite, but I dare you to try.

Love ya lattes,

Von Reklaw


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