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The Charm of Small Towns

Though Blue Haven is a fictional beach town, pieces of my heart are sprinkled in all the details.

There’s a part of the story where Veronica orders a coffee from the popular town coffee shop, Lattes All Day, but realizes she forgot her wallet. The cashier tells her she’ll put it on her tab and she can return and pay it later.

This scene is the epitome of a small town, but it’s all a true story.

My husband and I eloped in 2020 on the beaches of North Carolina. We rented a beach house and the morning of the wedding, I headed out to grab a coffee. I ordered my cold brew and handed the cashier my credit card, not realizing it was cash only. I apologized and she said, “no worries.” She handed me my cold brew and said I could come pay later.

It’s not a typical response but it’s the kind that I envision in a town like Blue Haven. It’s the reason I will forever be drawn to the Carolina coast.

When you read Break-In and Eggs, I hope you get drawn in to the magic and fall in love with Blue Haven and all the characters that come with it.

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