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Is Cold Brew Different Than Iced Coffee?

I thought maybe it was time to start writing a bit more about coffee over here on the Coffee with Court blog. I've been learning a lot of coffee facts myself lately and it's pretty interesting. So, let's do this! Is cold brew different than iced coffee?


Iced coffee is literally coffee poured over ice. Before I discovered cold brew, I lived on iced coffee. I still love iced coffee, but iced coffee is easily watered down once the ice melts.

Cold brew because it brew for hours, comes out stronger. It’s almost like a concentrate, so that when you add ice to it, you’re not really watering it down. You’re sort of balancing it out.

Iced coffee is still cool, I promise! Here’s 2 ways to keep your iced coffee from being watered down:

1. Serve with coffee ice cubes instead of regular

2. Brew your coffee stronger before pouring over ice


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