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Authentically Building Your Small Business Through Social Media

Every time I log into one of my social media accounts there is a new person telling me about the rules of social media. They change so often that I can't keep up! How many hashtags do I need to use? Use them in your caption? No wait, use them in the first comment. My head is spinning!

So, today I thought I'd chat a bit about what I've used for myself and my clients that are around for the long haul and really helped to build awareness, drive traffic to their website and grow their following! The best part is that these marketing tips on how to grow your business on social media can be used for any niche.

Partner with Larger Accounts

Working on growing a bookstagram account can seem defeating at first. You spend hours crafting amazing content (in your opinion), then you post it and...crickets! One of the best ways to get in front of a new audience is to partner with larger accounts. There's so many creative ways to work with like-minded accounts. And it doesn't have to be all take and no give! Here's some ideas to think about.

1. Partner with other authors for a bundle giveaway

2. Do an author takeover on a book blogger account

3. Send a few paperback copies to some bookstgrammers for a giveaway. This helps the bookstagrammer add value for their followers and gets you noticed

4. Be creative! Does your book feature something unique outside of the book world. Maybe the setting is a real place. Reach out to the town's social media pages. Or maybe your main character loves a specific cocktail or coffee. Reach out to a local bar or coffee shop in your town and partner for a local gift card giveaway!

Start a Street Team or Brand Ambassador Program

I've seen a lot of writers have success with street teams. This is a group of readers who LOVE your books and are willing to help you promote them prior to, on the day of and even after your release. Send out a few paperbacks and maybe even some cool merchandise if you have it and let them have some fun!

Brand Ambassador programs for brands are super successful too! You can offer anything from discounts on products for being a part of the program to commission from sales. I also recommend asking for a specific number of posts per month where they tag you. This will help build your own organic content to share!

Find Micro Influencers Who Love Products Like Yours

This worked out really when for me. I was working with a specific client and searched #sponsored one day on Instagram. I found about 10 micro influencers with high engagement and under 10K. They all had posted previously about their love for products similar. So, I messaged them and offered a free product in exchange for a post within a certain timeframe of receiving the product.

50% of them said yes and 100% of those that said yes posted AWESOME content within the timeframe I specified. I was incredibly thankful for them! Other influencers were gracious about the fact that they only take paid sponsorships and that is completely understandable. This is how some people make their living. Others do it for fun or are willing to help a new business get off the ground for some cool product exchanges.

Turn the Latest Trends into a Commercial

Be on top of trends! Trending sounds on social media are a great way to get seen by a ton of people, but you have to use them to your advantage. Don't just jump on the trend and do the exact same thing everyone else is doing. Add a twist. Make it work for you as a writer or a small business.

For example. I found a trending reel about where people were typing for help to get them out of a certain situation. They wanted to be picked up from work because their boss is awful, but they were boss. Or they wanted someone to come and take the kids because they were done babysitting, but they were mom.

I jumped on the trend and added my own twist about my love of dogs. So far, it has 13K views! What did I do? I followed a trend and put a unique twist on it that fit who I was. You can click the photo below to watch.

Jump on the Challenge Wagon

I've watched a lot of bookstagram accounts grow by taking part in challenges. Book stack challenges are really big, but if you follow enough accounts in the Instagram community, you'll be able to see when one pops up. Don't be shy. Take part in it! Use the right hashtags. Tags friends to play along and share the content of others taking part in the challenge. Share a few to your stories each day of the challenge. It may inspire others to share yours.

Provide Value to Your Followers

It's not enough to post consistently. If you truly want to increase sales or build a business through social media, the type of content you post has to give your followers a reason to want to stick around. It can be pure entertainment or educational. It can be monthly giveaways or surprise discounts. It can even be a mix of it all. Play around with your content to see what attracts people and then build on it.

If you found these tips helpful, don't forget to subscribe to the blog for more. Let me know what other topics you'd like to see here on the blog that will help you!


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