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Author Refresh: 6 Author Spring Cleaning Tips to Revitalize Your Writing Ritual

Spring is here which means it’s the perfect time for authors and writers embrace a little refresh in their writing routine. In this blog post, we'll explore 6 ways to revitalize not only your writing routine, but also your author brand in spirit of the spring season with some fun author spring cleaning tips.

Let’s get started!

author spring cleaning tips

Your author spring cleaning tips list

1. Organize Desktop Files

Let’s be honest. You’ve been meaning to organize all the drafts of your work in progress for some time now, but you haven’t gotten around to it. There is no better time to declutter that desktop.

Take a few moments to tidy up your desktop by putting organize both your work in progress documents and your published documents. Do this by naming each folder and each draft!

  • Create sub folders for each draft with the month and date they were last worked on. If you have ebook and paperback formatted documents, be sure to add them into separate folders as well.

  • Consolidate documents where you can.

A clean and organized workspace can help clear mental clutter and foster creativity.


2. Revive Old Blogs

Dust off your archives and breathe new life into old blog posts. Review both previously published content and ones that are still sitting in your draft folder. Things are changing all the time. Can you give any additional insight or add topics to these blogs? If so, do it!

By republishing refreshed content, you can engage readers with relevant and valuable information while boosting your website's visibility.


3. Refresh Brand Aesthetic

Take peek at your brand colors and social media aesthetic. Does it currently give a bright and airy feel? If not, consider revamping them for the spring season.

  • Try a different preset on your photos

  • Considering adding color to your feed with more carousel posts

  • Change your profile photo to match the season

  • Update your social media bios and cover images if they are stale


4. Declutter Your Email Inbox

Ah, the dreaded inbox. I am forever guilty of leaving a trail of unread emails and newsletter subscriptions that no longer bring value. How do we change that?

  • Unsubscribe from newsletters that you no longer read

  • Delete unnecessary emails

  • Archive emails you’re not ready to delete

  • Create folders within your inbox to organize emails you still refer back to

    • For example: if you’re attending an upcoming event and need quick access to the details


5. Updating Website Information

Review your author website and update any outdated information. Check your bio, book listings, event calendar, and contact details to ensure they are accurate and up to date. A polished and current website reflects professionalism and keeps readers informed.


6. Bring Your Author Photos Back to Life

Maybe it’s been a while since your last author photo session. Or maybe you’ve never done a brand photoshoot at all. With the gorgeous colors of spring upon us, consider scheduling a photoshoot to update your author photos for the season ahead.

  • Choose locations that evoke the freshness of spring, but also fit your personality

    • My books are all about coffee-loving girl bosses, so a photoshoot in a coffee shop would be the perfect fit!

Updated author photos can breathe new life into your online presence and convey your evolving identity as an author.

Use the spring season to embrace the opportunity to refresh your writing rituals and embrace growth.

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