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Create a Fall Inspired Cozy Reading Nook

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

There's no better time to embrace a good book then when autumn leaves arrive! Fall season is a great time to catch up on all the books on your October TBR list and what better way to do this than by setting up a cozy reading nook at home.

In today's blog, I am sharing all of my favorite home decor ideas to help you set up a fall inspired cozy reading nook so that you can tune out the hustle and bustle of daily life and settle into a moment of tranquility and self-indulgence. Check off books in your fall book stack thanks to your classy new book nook!

Here are 5 ways to create a fall inspired cozy reading nook:

1. Fall-themed Pillows

Nothing says hello fall better than plush, fall decorative pillows. There's so many options out there that it's easy to find ones that fit your style. From pumpkins to autumn quotes there is something for every book lover's reading nook. Shop ideas here!

fall decor for a fall inspired cozy reading nook

2. Fall colored throw blankets

I don't know about you, but I love curling up under a blanket when it's time to read. Colors like burnt orange, golden yellow, green or red like the ones below will surely set the tone for a fall inspired book nook. Shop ideas here!

fall decor for a fall inspired cozy reading nook

3. Cozy Lighting

Setting the mood can really inspire a good reading sprint. Soft, muted lights, such as the gentle glow of lanterns or the flicker of candlelight, create an ambiance that beckons you to escape into the pages of your favorite book. A good cozy reading nook should never be without! Shop ideas here!

fall decor for a cozy reading nook

4. Perfect Fall Scents

Bringing scents into your cozy reading nook can create an immersive atmosphere. Scents, like the soundtrack to a movie, add an extra layer to the reading experience. Make your cozy reading nook more enchanting with fall scents like pumpkin, crisp apple or autumn leaves. Shop ideas here!

5. Tranquil Screensavers

To round out your cozy reading nook, prop open your laptop or turn on your TV to a tranquil screensaver. Whether it be a rustling fireplace or wind blowing through autumn leaves, this just gives you an extra sense of tranquility to help you relax and set your mind to reading time.

To help with some ideas for your cozy reading nook, here are some adorable spaces that I found on Pinterest to use as inspiration. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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