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It’s been three years since Addie Pine stepped foot in Cold Spring, and a lot has changed. Her family’s bed and breakfast is unrecognizable, and her favorite coffee shop has a new baker named Drew. While Drew’s good looks and charm are almost as delectable as his gingerbread cookies, it’s the news he delivers that sends Addie reeling.

Mave’s Coffeeshop is in trouble and if something isn’t done soon, it will have to close it’s doors forever. Thankfully, Addie has an idea that could save Mave’s.

But when a website glitch fouls up a slew of gingerbread orders, Addie and Drew find themselves racing the holiday deadline. Sparks and flour fly as the two rally together for a merry cause. Can they deliver a Christmas miracle that saves the beloved shop? Or will one more bright light flicker out in Cold Spring?In the mood for a sweet love story with a holiday flare? For the Love of Gingerbread, by Courtney Giardina, will warm your heart with hints of romance and a swirl of magic this Christmas season!

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