Haylie Julian married her college sweetheart in the most Sweet Home Alabama way there is. Then, she left her small-town life for big city dreams and now everything has changed.


Where is the fun-living, light-hearted husband who helped her pick out paint colors for their new home? He’s now an overworked attorney, obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder and soon she’s waking up next to someone she barely recognizes. Secretive phone calls and late nights at the office leave her with endless questions about where she stands.


In the midst of digging for answers, Haylie discovers a heartbreaking truth. One that will take her to the beaches of Kettlewood Island and on a journey to falling back in love with the one person who matters most- herself.


Tear Stained Beaches is an emotionally gripping story about the ultimate betrayal and how one woman is left to decide if true strength means holding on or letting go.