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Book 2 of the Blue Haven cozy mystery series.


Local food blogger and beloved dog walker, Veronica is settling into her new life in the small coastal town of Blue Haven, North Carolina. She has been counting down the days until Suzy Atwater’s new waffle cart hits the beach and when it does, you can bet that Veronica and her trusty four-legged sidekick, Scout, are first in line to savor the menu.

Suzy's waffles are a beachfront hit until a bloody knife is found stabbed into one of her blueberry waffles. Then when other mysterious things start happening to some of Blue Haven's popular boardwalk businesses, Veronica must put down her fork and team back up with the town's handsome new detective to solve the case.

This fall cozy mystery is full of laughs!

Blueburied Waffles

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