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How to Market Yourself as an Indie Author

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

The marketing side of writing is such a journey of trial and error. Trying to figure out what cover, blurb, ad headline or photo will catch someone’s eye involves constantly evolving your own creativity.

I’ve been doing such a deep dive into writing groups and learning as much as I can. I recently changed my Holding on to Georgia cover, the blurb for the novel, the blurb for Falling in London, main categories in Amazon for some of my other books and guess what... it’s working!!

My author ranking has increased and my page reads are higher every day!!

If you’re new to the self-publishing world, here’s my advice to you:

  • Join writing groups

  • Learn from those who have come before you.

  • Try.... and then try again

There is no secret formula, but if you continue to grow, learn, write and try, you will find the one that works for you!


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