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Cozy Mystery: Meet the Star Sleuths of Blue Haven

I promised that I would introduce you to the newest sleuths in the cozy mystery world. They are two besties who never expected to be thrown into the middle of a murder investigation, but what would my Break-In & Eggs story be without a... murder


VERONICA Veronica is a born and raised New Yorker now adjusting to life in the small town of Blue Haven, North Carolina. During the day she moonlights as the town dog walker, but her real passion… secret food blogger. The town may not know it yet, but Veronica and her secret alias are the voices behind the popular food blog “Kaffeinated Kitchen.”


Gemma Gemma is still living the city life in New York. She’s sassy, independent and full of flare. When she catches wind that Veronica is on the heels of a real killer, Gemma catches the next flight to Blue Haven to join in on the excitement of true crime.

CAREFUL GIRLS… But… both girls better watch their backs because the closer they get to solving the crime, the more it looks like someone is willing to do anything to keep them quiet


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