Courtney Giardina Marketing Portfolio

Video editing and creation

For AURORA Nashville's rising star weekly concert series, I created a web series that connected the city of Nashville with each artist for a fun and entertaining way to promote the event.

With the launch of THIEL Audio's wireless speaker line, they wanted to create an instructional video to help new customers understand how to set up and stream music via their new device. I set up a product photo shoot to gather photos in popular areas we wanted users to place their speaker and incorporate into this guided video.

Print  ad creation

Social Media Content & Design Development

Digital creation of promotional content for a variety of social media platforms in order to create anticipation for product launches.

In order to increase website traffic and build engagement with target audience for AURORA Nashville, I spearheaded a March Madness campaign that put 24 of our AURORA Live artists against each other to name the first official AURORA Live champion. Each week along with the NCAA brackets, artists advanced to the final round ultimately naming the official winner. The campaign brought in almost 70,000 votes. It also drove 36,000 views to our webpage with 71.8% of those sessions coming from new users

Blog Writing


Email Marketing

Leading the email marketing for THIEL Audio was all about building email lists and strong attendance during each show. The emails needed to allow for subscribers to RSVP easily as well as give all the details of the event in a streamlined delivery.

Content Writing

Certification Adds Value

Navigating Governance


Charlotte, NC

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