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Courtney G. Foutz

Marketing & Copywriting Professional

Developing content that engages readers, evokes thought and sparks conversation



For AURORA Nashville's rising star weekly concert series, I created a web series that connected the city of Nashville with each artist for a fun and entertaining way to promote the event. This is one of the videos I wrote the script for and also produced.

With the launch of THIEL Audio's wireless speaker line, they wanted to create an instructional video to help new customers understand how to set up and stream music via their new device. I set up a product photo shoot to gather photos in popular areas we wanted users to place their speaker and used a voice over to incorporate into this guided video.


In the increasingly saturated market of Nashville, Lifestyle Communities focused on key attributes of their property and creative execution to showcase those assets in order to stand out.

LC Germantown played heavily on the lifestyle aspect of its community and through the use of social media, the onsite staff assisted the corporate marketing team in capturing creative content to show future residents what life was like at LC. 

Brand Awareness for Newly Launched T-Shirt in Support of Non-Profit

In support of the ASPCA, marathon runner Sam Foutz launched a "Running for a Purpose" t-shirt line. I drafted and pitched a press release to media to bring awareness to the campaign prior to the New York City marathon. 


Well-Bean Coffee

Well-Bean launched their rebrand in 2020 and needed updated copy on all platforms that fully captured their vibrant personality and philanthropical mission. Copy included company history, about us, product descriptions, blogs and taglines  for both their website, social media and Amazon. Keeping in line with their "coffee with personality" tagline, I created product descriptions and copy that would intrigue coffee lovers, but still keep sight of the quality of each roast. Well-Bean's main focus for their blog was to create both conversational content and educational information that would establish them as experts in both the coffee industry & entrepreneurial space.

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Wide Open Country


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Mashed was focused on both short and long form writing. Most projects needed consistent research and factual identification prior to developing each piece.  

Am proud to have driven extensive unique visitors to the Wide Open Country website by pitching and creating relevant content that viewers could relate to.

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