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Courtney Giardina is a Rochester, NY native who left the cold winters for the coastal summers of North Carolina. She published her first novel, Tear Stained Beaches in 2013 and the emotionally gripping novel became the staple of what her self-publishing mantra would become-- strong, independent women with big dreams, searching for their place in the world.


She delivers that message in her follow up novels Holding on to Georgia, Behind the Strings, Slow Dancing on Main Street and her newest novel, Falling in London


"A witty, light-hearted office romance"

"A hilarious and fun romantic comedy based in London"

Standing alone in an empty Paris apartment, Tate Montgomery must make a choice. Let her broken heart get the best of her or figure out how to make the best of a bad situation. She chooses the latter and ends up starting anew in London.


Now the owner of Simple Charms Events, Tate just landed the job of a lifetime. The pressure is on as she only has a few weeks to pull off a lavish event. The problem- she must work up close and personal with the company liaison. Brooks Walker is handsome, charming, and every bit of the distraction Tate can't afford.


In the midst of catering appointments, dessert tastings and off the beaten path detours, Tate starts to realize that Brooks may be exactly what her broken, down on love heart needs. If she lets him in, their relationship could ruin everything she's worked for, but what if it doesn't?


Tate has to decide if her career is more important than the happy ever after she's been waiting for or if it's possible she just might be able to have both.


"The whole story just gives you a cozy feeling which pulls you in from the very start and keeps you hooked all along the way." - Goodreads

" loved the flirty banter between them as they tried to figure out how to keep everything between them as professional as possible without giving in to the chemistry that was sizzling just beneath the surface." - Goodreads

"Full of descriptions that make you feel like you’re actually in London and relatable characters that feel like friends, Falling in London is the perfect rainy day read!" - Goodreads



Charlotte, NC

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