Friday Fifteen

Happy Friday!! Welcome to the very first Friday Fifteen where you will find

The Greatest In (romance) Fiction!

Do you love romance, comedy and happy ever after?! Then you've come to the right place! I'm excited that below you will find 15 amazing stories, across an array of different sub genres of romance. We're talking anywhere from contemporary, Christian and sweet & wholesome to steamy, romantic comedies and suspense.

The best part... ALL 15 of these love stories are available through the weekend for just $0.99 each. Yup! 15 beach reads for less than $15. 

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romantic comedy/love triangle

Just me. My husband AND my ex. Living under the same roof.

What could possibly go wrong?


contemporary romance

Malcolm and Beck first meet by a car accident, then he collides into her life, and Beck never expected him.


T'm in love with you Beck, there's no question as to whether you're my person or not."


sports romance

Torn between the perfect man back home, and the vacation fling who has stolen her heart, Lou is forced to make a decision that will shatter someone. When love is on the line, there’s no easy way out… 


contemporary romance

She has a failing business, a meddling grandmother, and no time for love. Does a handsome local reporter from her past have what it takes to change her mind?


romantic suspense

After thugs murdered her husband and two-year-old son, a fiery determination ignited within Kerrie to find the killers. Never could she have imagined her hunt would lead her to Project Triton and a super suit that would change everything. 


contemporary Christian 


Moms go the distance!  A team of mothers determined to covertly jumpstart the stalled love lives of their adult children.


contemporary romance

She's sworn off men for good and he's  still picking up the pieces after a devastating loss. Can two broken hearts heal by holding on to each other?


clean & wholesome romance

She never dreamt she'd fall in love - with a cop and a community that makes her feel like she's home. But her determination to protect her only child could destroy her chance of happiness.


contemporary romance

Will a spark turn into a wildfire, or will their love go down in flames?  Burning Love is a single dad, firefighter romance with steamy scenes and a guaranteed HEA!  


clean & wholesome romance

To get the top, this Aussie Cowgirl isn't going to let anything come between her and what  she's given up so much for, especially swaggering Brazilian bull riders.


But what happens when the dream she's held onto so tightly isn't enough? Is there room for more in her Cowgirl's Dream?


contemporary romance w/ a twist of comedy

If only that night wasn't so damn good. I was never supposed to see that woman again and now I can't get her out of my life or mind. 


romantic comedy

When the one person I really want is the one I can’t have, things tend to get complicated. Because I need my job. And he is my boss. 

also available on Kobo, Nook and iBooks


steamy contemporary romance

Pro golfer Fitz learns the hard way the rules are different in the game of love. Can he score off the course as easily as on? Get your hands on some Hardwood today!


contemporary romance

She's a single mother with a tough hide…until Connor McKay walks into the picture. She can’t stand the sports-loving alpha male––no thanks! But as her path continues to cross with Connor’s, and attraction heats to a boiling point, Meg learns there’s more to Connor than biceps and a tight rear end.


contemporary romance

Not all second chances are sweet. Sometimes they can be bitter.


Harper Evans never expected to fall in love or to change her mind and decide to break her promises. Asher Williams spent years fighting for his country, but he will fight hardest for the woman that stole his heart.


Charlotte, NC

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