She's the hottest music blogger in Nashville. A night out with a rockstar is part of the job...until he ends up in her bed.


Rockstar music blogger Celia Westbrooke is no stranger to what goes on behind the scenes of the country music industry. She refuses to be anyone’s one-night stand which is why falling for a musician is out of the question…until one of them ends up in her bed. When what should have been a normal interview turns into a night of passion – everything changes.


Jesse Rockford moved to Nashville with a guitar on his back and pocket full of dreams. He was looking for a record deal. Instead, he meets a girl worth writing songs about. The only problem – his best friend is the one who introduces them and he's made it crystal clear that she’s off limits.


The more their relationship heats up, the higher the stakes should their secret romance come out, but it turns out the two of them have more than chemistry between the sheets and it just might be worth risking everything for.


Charlotte, NC

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