Writing Room Makeover & Tips for a More Productive Work Space!

Who here has a dedicated writing space?


If you didn't raise your hand, don't worry, I was just like you a month ago! I would write on the couch, on my bed and at coffee shops, but never in a designated place in my home. I actually love writing at coffee shops. There's something about ordering my specialty iced latte, opening up my laptop and typing away in the coziness of a small, local coffee shop.

However, I don't know about you, but I can't actually afford to spend $5 a day on coffee AND I also feel that my most creative time is usually at night, when coffee shops are closed. So, I decided it was time to make my writing room official and get it a makeover. Check out the transformation in the video below!

Ready to get started creating your productive work space? Here's 5 tips I learned while creating mine.

1. Turn your desk around - If you're into feng shui, I learned that having your desk face the wall gives off bad energy flow.

2. Add greenery - Bringing home some plants for your work place can help with the overall energy of the space and they're also good for purifying the air around you

3. Bring in color - Color gives your space some character and makes the room somewhere you actually WANT to be in. To help decide what types of color, ask yourself what vibe you want to create? If you'd like a sense of calm, go with more neutral tones like browns and greens. If you want to spark some creativity, add a little purple. Need some energy? Go for oranges, reds and yellows

4. Get Organized - You can't be productive with papers everywhere or if you're always searching for a pen. So, get organized! Find desk compartment organizers, pen holders, folders, whatever you need to clear up your space.

5. Make it YOUR space - Remember, this is where you are going to be most productive. So choose decor, colors and a setup that works best for YOU.

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