Target Kitchen Haul!!

When Sam and I moved to Charlotte we decided that we would slowly starting adding home decor to our apartment that we would want to have for the long haul when we were ready to buy our first home together! Before all this craziness, we would spend our days off driving around different areas of the city. Charlotte has so many areas that offer different vibes that we want to see what's out there where we feel we can really plant our roots. Our house hunting has been put on hold for a little while, but I thought this Target Haul video would be fun to show you what we've collected so far in the search for designing our future home!

We have A LOT of new kitchen decor because we spend a lot of time in it. We like to cook dinners together and I of course like testing out new latte recipes (that video coming soon)! Hope you all are finding something positive in every day. I know it can be hard and sometimes overwhelming, but we are resilient and we can get through this.