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Stylish Workwear for My Next Business Trip!

My very first big girl job out of college was work from home. I lived in workout clothes and used coffee as excuse to get myself to go outside during the day. So, the idea of stylish work clothes or business casual didn't really apply to me.

My current job is still pretty laid back, but we're going to a big conference next week and it hit me as I searched through my closet that I didn't really have any appropriate work attire to wear! I wouldn't consider myself a minimalist, but I'd rather spend my money on vacations and coffee than shoes and clothes. I can keep a wardrobe for years. But, being that I'm in a director position now, I feel like I need to impress a little. So, I thought it'd be fun to share my latest Shein Haul with you. I got 8 work outfits plus a going out tee for just over $100.

Which one is your favorite?ghoulder tops. This is the only non-business item of the bunch. I went with a lot of button ups because I wanted to be comfortable. We'll be walking around to booths all day and I thought they'd pair well with dark jeans or black pants with a pair of flats.

I decided to be bold and order 2 dresses. Though I'm super pale, so I feel like I need to do a little self-tanning before I go. I plan to wear the dresses to post-conference dinners with clients.

I am BEYOND excited for the vest combo I bought. I have a black ribbed, long-sleeve top to go underneath this chic taupe vest.

I have to hope now that April in Chicago will work in my favor! Which one is your favorite?


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