Coffee In London!

As I narrow in on finishing the first draft of my next book, I thought it’d be fun to share some fun places where scenes take place and places that inspired fictional locations as the story unfolds!

Let's start with one of my favorite places in the book: Primrose May. I have to say, I was super proud of the name I came up with for the coffee shop where Leo first introduces himself to Tate! Primrose May is a fictional, local coffee shop nestled in a strip in Westminster.

Tate is sitting at a table preparing for a very important meeting. If all goes well, she could land the biggest event of her career! She pretends not to notice the handsome (almost) stranger as he walks in, but Leo doesn't let her get away so easily.

The vibe and interior look of the coffee shop was inspired by a real place in Victoria, London called Iris & June. Check out some of the fun photos from their Instagram below. Doesn't it make you want to head there now? If only we could!

A fun fact about Iris and June is that the shop is named after one of their co-founder's grandmothers. Also, if you feel the need to sip on a cup of coffee while you scroll, check out

my 5 days of lattes post. Lots of different recipes to try.