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Apple Cider Slushies - The Perfect Fall Drink!

For most people, when fall hits, it's pumpkin everything, but for me, I am all about the apples when it comes to fall drinks. I love apple cider!

Apple cider slushies are a big thing where I come from. And, when I went to visit my now husband in Ohio, I was super nostalgic that one of their farms had it! Here in North Carolina, I have yet to find a place that serves apple cider slushies. That's why we decided to make some homemade apple cider slushies ourselves.

This apple cider recipe was super easy and oh, so delicious!!! The best part is that you can easily turn this into a fall cocktail. If you want to give it a try, the full recipe is below!

Apple Cider Slushie Recipes


1. 3 cups apple cider

2. 3-4 cups ice

3. 2 tbsp mulling spices (optional)

4. 2 tsp apple pie spice

5. Dash of cinnamon

6. Caramel drizzle

7. 2 round mini donuts


1. Place ingredients 1-4 in a blender and blend until you reach a slushy consistency. We used our Vitamix on smoothie mode.

2. Pour evenly into 2 glasses and get ready for the toppings

3. Slice apples for garnish. We did one circular apple in our slushy and slide half an apple slice on the rim. Feel free to get creative with this

4. Drizzle with some caramel

5. *Place straw in glass and slide your mini donut over the straw

6. Sprinkle with cinnamon

7. SERVE and ENJOY!!!

*We couldn't find mini donuts at the store, so we opted to cut a big donut in half and placed it on the side of the rim. Either way works!


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