New York City

New York City

Oh New York - words will never be able to describe the wonder that you instill in the souls of all who explore your beauty. Everytime I step foot into the Big Apple it's as if I am there for the first time.There is always something new to discover.


On this particular trip we split our stay between Tribeca and Wall Street. Both were areas I had never been. I adored walking around near Wall Street and exploring the shops around South Street Seaport.

We also spent a full day up around Central Park. The colors are magnificent in the fall. It was my first time hiking up to Belvedere Castle and so worth it for the panoramic views. 

If I ever decided to magically relocate to New York City, I'd want to live in Greenwich Village. We grabbed a bite to eat there and it felt calm and isolated from the hustle you normally find. 


Charlotte, NC

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