Twenty Minutes With Sam Hunt …. Is That Enough?

It was my friends birthday last Saturday and the only thing she wanted was to see Sam Hunt in concert. How perfect that he happened to be in town on that day with CMT on Tour. As soon as tickets went on sale, I bought a pair and my friend very patiently counted down the days.

Doors opened at 7 and once we made our way in we squeezed in with the other thousands of people who lined the floor. A few minutes after 9pm, Sam hit the stage with “Raised On It.” He brought energy, he brought passion and he brought talent. If you’ve followed Sam Hunt from his mixed tape days, you’re very familiar with songs like “Raised on It” and “Ex to See.” He followed those up with his fast rising radio hit “Leave the Night On” and news off of his soon to be released album Montevallo: “Take Your Time” and “Break Up in a Small Town.”

He then thanked the crowd as genuinely and grateful as he always does and headed off the stage. Sam Hunt did not disappoint that night. He delivered a show that was well worth watching. A talented songwriter in his own right, Sam has gracefully found his stage presence and improves each time I see him. Two things were very clear to me that night. 1. Sam Hunt is going to do big things with his career. 2. A vast majority of those in the room came particularly to see Sam. That’s why when I looked down at my phone after he walked off stage I was confused: 9:23.  Twenty minutes? A guy who’s single is currently top 5. A guy who has songs everyone in the crowd sang the lyrics too with no actual album out yet? How could he play for only twenty minutes?

This sort of piggy backs on my last post about Old Dominion playing for a full hour while on tour with Chase Rice. How rare that is. And I know when you go to a show to see the openers, not necessarily the headliners, you’re most likely going to get a shorter version of their nothing less than spectacular performance, but is 20 minutes really a fair amount of playing time?

I’m sure the artists themselves are thankful to be on the tour, thankful to be playing every night and I’m sure there is some kind of logic behind it. Tyler Farr played for about 20 minutes when I went to see Florida Georgia Line on the Burn it Down tour this past summer. It seems like a magical number and those talented enough make the most of it, but I still really just don’t understand.

Music Fans and Concert Goers of any genre: I’d love to hear your thoughts. Should openers get a little more playing time? Or is 20 minutes fair enough?

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