TV Do-Over Blog Hop: Hart of Dixie, Oh How You Pull at my Heartstrings

When Caroline first brought up the topic of a “TV Do-Over,” I immediately had a show come to mind and I was so excited to be a part of this blog hop so I could share!

If there is anything that can draw me into a television show and make me a loyal viewer, it is the pure drama of two people who obviously belong together facing every obstacle imaginable to keep them apart. My love for Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill and dire need for them to be together kept me watching all those seasons. The day they drove away in that Comet I cried, jumped for joy and finally stopped cursing the writers who kept them apart all those years.

Now, fast forward to a few years after the series ended and my newest obsession is “Hart of Dixie.” (Spoilers ahead) :)

When I first started watching, I was rooting for Zoe and George.

BUT… that was BEFORE Wade Kinsella came along. I mean really, look at him :)


Wade is the bad boy, the guy you’re not supposed to bring home to your mama, but deep down his heart is in the right place and man can he rock a white tee and throw you head over heels with that smile of his. There was just something about the way he fought his feelings for Zoe that drew me in. And then when they finally got together, it was all about his gentle, sweet, loving side that kept me there. That was until that awful, awful day that Wade did something he could never take back. And this is where my “TV Do Over” comes in!

I know we see infidelity on shows all the time, but why Wade why!?!? I waited pretty well into the second season for these 2 to finally end up together and before the season finale it was over! Ugh! Of all the things he could’ve done to break them apart. I would’ve preferred getting drunk and making a fool of himself in front of Zoe’s mom or completely blowing off an important event to play a gig somewhere. But no, he had to cheat on Bluebell’s beloved Dr. Hart. Now the couple that I was so badly rooting for is tainted. I mean how do you come back from that? Sigh!

I think I would’ve had Wade drunk somewhere, Zoe stranded in the middle of nowhere calling him for help and him not turning up until the next morning after George Tucker had to come to her rescue. Then maybe Zoe begins to think twice about whom she’s supposed to be with and needs time away from Wade. This leaves the door open to maybe begin a relationship with George and continue that push and pull with Wade.

See, no harm done!

So there you have it! The story line I would do over if I could. This way I can always keep Wade in my good graces and not want to throw things at the TV every time I see him*.

*Side note: There is a whole other season after this where I fall back in love with Wade and he does redeem himself. This scene right here does it for me. But it’s still hard sometimes because it’s in the back of my mind.  Hart of Dixie fans, who do you think of the do over?!?!?

And don’t forget, the blog hop continues tomorrow with the lovely Deb Nam Krane! So be sure to head on over and see what her tv do over is!

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

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