To Target With Love

I’d like to take a moment to pat myself on the back for putting my creativity to good use in the fashion department. I am not the kind of person who can pull a bunch of stuff together and make it look “cool.” I try to be fashion forward, but I’m not really sure I got that gene. The writing gene, yes, fashion, not so much. But I have been trying a little harder these days. Hence this post!

I went to target to get a new translucent powder. That was all I planned (isn’t that always the case?) to get during my trip there and well on my way to the makeup department I passed the women’s department. I have been wanting a long skirt for some time now and haven’t found any that fit my five foot nothing frame. As I walked by, this adorable navy and teal striped one caught my eye.

“I’ll just try it on” I said to myself. For $17 what could it hurt. So I picked it up and did just that.

Each time I twirled around in the dressing room, the cuter it was. So, yup you guessed it, I bought it. Hey $17, you can’t go wrong.


Ok, now let me get to my “ah ha” moment. I discovered that my so called skirt also moonlights as an adorable dress as well! So, round of a plause for Courtney. $17 and I got a two for one! The skirt I’ve worn a few times. Once with a white lace tank from White House Black Market and again with this cute navy tank from Old Navy.








Then, just the other day I decided to change it up a bit, test the waters. So I pulled it up to strapless height, wrapped a white belt around it and headed to where else, but Starbucks. I was complimented by 2 people in that one trip. So, here I am, lifting up my iced coffee and to cheers my inner fashion queen.

Good job Courtney, good job.

Oh and I did buy that translucent powder too, so technically I got what I went there for :)

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