She Deserves to Know

She’s never been looked at that way before. Like the whole world disappeared when he was around her. Like in that moment nothing else mattered but the fact that he was there with her. She remembered the way he held her hand and hugged her like he didn’t want to let go. Every now and then when she thinks about him, she sees it. That look in his eyes, it was real, she knows it. There’s no way she was wrong about it. Those feelings, nothing had really ever felt that right. There was no way he didn’t feel it too.

So help her understand how he could just walk away from her. Take all that she had hoped they could be and never give it a chance. How could he look at someone the way he looked at her and not want to see where it could go?

  • Was he scared?
  • Did she do something wrong?
  • Was it all for show?

None of it makes sense. How something that felt so right, ended the way it did.  Sometimes she has to fight the urge to just ask him why. Why did he let her go? Why did he let her fall for him when he had no plans on catching her? She’ll never understand it. But maybe she’s not supposed to.

Everyone always tell her there’s a reason. A reason he came into her life and a reason he walked out of it. They say that someday it will all make sense. And sure maybe it will, but on the days when that song comes on the radio or she scrolls past his name in her phone. Those are the days she doesn’t care about someday.   Those are the days she wants an answer. Tell her someone else was better for you. Tell her she couldn’t give you what you wanted. Tell her you weren’t ready. Whatever it is she can handle it. Just tell her. She deserves an answer. And those are the days she wishes you were man enough to give her one.

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