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Selfies: Why I Am That Girl

You know those people right? The ones you look at like they’re crazy walking down the street with the forward facing camera on. The ones who get the media attention for it at baseball games. The ones who’s Instagram feed is covered with them. Well, I too am guilty of being “that girl.” I am the girl who has over 100 pictures in the selfies folder on her iPhone and I’m okay with that. We can think of a million reasons people take selfies, but for me, I have one: to create a memory. To stop time and save a moment when there is no one else around to do it for me.

Last Saturday I had to say goodbye to my best friend. My most loyal companion and the light of my whole world. It was the most devastating day of my life and it has hurt every day since. To feel close to him, to try to ease the pain as I figure out where to go from here, I scrolled through my phone at all the pictures I’d taken of him. There were dozens upon dozens and guess what a lot of them were… yup, selfies!

If I wasn’t “that girl,” I would not have captured the quiet moments at home, the mornings cuddles or the late night snuggles that made my relationship with my dog exactly what it was… a lifetime bond.

So no matter how many crazy looks I get, I will continue to take my selfies, I will create my memories and I will hold on dearly to the times I wish could last forever, because when they’re gone, I can always look back at them and smile

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