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Ross Coppley comes home to Johnny and June’s

Kane Brown made his way to North Carolina this past Friday to perform at Johnny and June’s in Winston-Salem, but I wasn’t there for Kane Brown. I didn’t drive 180 miles round trip or get stuck in 2 hours worth of traffic on the way there for Kane Brown. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike him, I’ve just never really jumped on that bandwagon.

So why then was I at Johnny and June’s this past Friday night? The answer is simple: Ross Coppley.

A Lexington, North Carolina native who made the move to Nashville a few years ago opened up the show. Ross Coppley is an artist that has always stayed close to his roots. His lyrics are real and genuine and hold true to everyone singing them back to him even if all for different reasons.

His high energy performances and veteran stage presence along with a talented group to back him make for a show you don’t want to miss no matter what it takes for you to get there. His newest single “Wildfire” is climbing the charts and that song is only the tip of the iceberg for what this guy is capable of.

Below is a montage of a few of the songs sung during Coppley’s performance on Friday night. See for yourself what you’ve been missing.

Ross Coppley Restores Faith in Country Music With ‘Never Rains in Los Angeles’

I fell in love with Ross Coppley‘s music when I first heard the song “Hard on Angels”. It came along at a time in my life when I needed it the most. It’s a song of empowerment, inspiration, and strength through times of struggle and not only is it beautifully written, but soulfully performed. It’s the passion and raw truth in country music that has made me fall in love with the genre. That same passion and truth Coppley delivers once again in one of his newest songs, “Never Rains in Los Angeles.”

Coppley has been performing the song during his current radio tour to promote his recently released single “Wildfire.” And although the upbeat track about growing up and making memories is catching wind on many radio stations throughout the country, it’s “Never Rains in Los Angeles” that has me remembering why I have so much faith in the talent and depth of an artist like Ross Coppley.

Blue skies/ And not a single cloud in sight/ But my eyes are welling up/ Cause you’ve had enough/ And who says it never rains in Los Angeles

A unique and tender anecdote to describe a painful breakup. A song where lyrics and emotions, not production, are at the forefront and make you want to grieve his bleeding heart along with him. Strong vocals in an acoustic set only add to the honesty.

If you were ever afraid that country music had forgotten its roots, “Never Rains in Los Angeles,” will assure you, that it is still fighting hard to retain its place. Sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper to find it.

Take a listen for yourself and let me know if you agree (song starts at 3:50)!


Say Goodbye to 2015 With These Breakup Songs

So 2015 wasn’t your year huh? You realized you could better and are looking forward to what 2016 has to offer. Well, the time is almost here then to breakup with 2015 and start fresh. But, in order to do so, as with any breakup, there needs to be a moment where you find that perfect song. The one song you play on repeat for hours so you can cry it all out before you get over it and move on. You are in luck. I have 5 awesome songs to help you breakup with 2015. So, turn up the volume, have a pity party for yourself and then move on into 2016 with your head held high.

. Radio – Tyler Rich

4, Dirt Cheap – Livy Jeanne

3. Never Rains in Los Angeles- Ross Coppley

2. Let You Let Me Go – Ellee Duke

1. Peter Pan – Kelsea Ballerini