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When We Let Go of What is Broken

Relationship quote

Some words I had running through my head this weekend….

“Sometimes our hearts break because we hold on too long to what is comfortable. We give one too many second chances in hopes that it might be different the next time. It isn’t until we let go of what is broken and come to terms with what is not meant to be that we free ourselves of heartache and allow happiness and love to come to us once again.”


To the Next Boy I Give My Heart To

If I let you in
Handle me with care
It took a long time for me to get here
To trust someone else enough to fall
To open up and give my all
I won’t hold back
Don’t worry, I’m all in
I’ve waited a long time to feel this way again
I only ask for you to do the same
I cannot play anymore games

If I let you in
Know it wasn’t an easy task
So from you, here’s what I ask
Always be honest, there’s no reason to lie
I know there will be days we don’t see eye to eye
But know that even through that
I’ll never turn my back
So don’t let go when it gets tough
Hold on tight, fight for us, love will always be enough

If I let you in
I promise to do the same
Through the good and the bad
Through the thick and the thin
Let down your guard
Trust in me even when it gets hard
And in your darkest moments, hold on to me
I will be your strength, all that you need

If I let you in
There’s one last thing you’ll need to know
I’m scared as hell for this heart to break
But I know you’re worth it, so this chance I’ll take
Take me as I am, love me with all you’ve got
I’m fierce, yet fragile and perfect I am not
I will make mistakes, and there will be times I try to push you away, you’ll see
But if I let you in, promise you won’t give up on me


Love Shouldn’t Have To Be Chased

Just a gentle reminder for those who need it….

“You know the crazy thing about love is the belief that it hurts. But it is not love that hurts us, it is the people we love that hurt us. You see, love in its truest form. Love that is raw and honest and genuine, it is an amazing thing and it shouldn’t have to be chased because if it’s really there it will find its way back to you. So let it be. And if it returns hold on for dear life, but if it doesn’t, know it is because that kind of love is still out there waiting for you.”