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Painted Skies of Montenegro

 I am a dreamer, both in darkness and in light

With eyes wide open, my own story I write

To live vivid and bold like the skies above me

Soar as profoundly as the mountains that surround me

And immerse in the beauty of nature’s endless treasures

Every day without measure

Travel Destination: Kotor, Montenegro



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IMG_6984I don’t think I’ve truthfully encountered scenery like that of Kotor, Montenegro. It was like an over sized canvas stretched across the sky and someone hand-painted every detail. We spent the entire day just exploring the city limits. Each and every inch was breathtaking and if you’re up for a climb, you’ll get quite the view from the top of Kotor’s Castle.

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Poetry: Your 2am Phone Call

It’s been awhile now

But I knew this day would come

You’d call me again

Telling me that I’m the only one


But I know better

I see it in your eyes

You’re just lonely ’cause she walked away again

I’m getting used to all your lies


You’ll be here awhile

Give me everything I need

Then one day I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone

She’ll come back

And you’ll move on


And here I am left picking up the pieces from the guy who left me behind

The one who made me promises I should’ve known he’d never keep

Because I never was his one and only

Just a girl to bide his time


Well these tears they stopped falling after I saw the light

I see right through you boy

There’s no more I wish I may, I wish I might


I’m not your 2am phone call

When you’re trying to kill the lonely somehow

I’m not your sometime, part-time, baby you’ll do for now


I would’ve given you the world, while she left you all alone

So the next time she says goodbye

I’d think twice before you go and pick up that phone

It’s too late now baby, someone had to draw the line

I won’t be there to pick up the broken pieces from the girl who left you behind


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Inspiration Poem: I Got Out

I Got Out

I was bruised and I was broken
Beat down by words sharper than a knife
But I got out

I cried alone and in silence for everything he said I could never do right
Now on most days I smile
Because I got out

I was scared. I was lost
Staring back in the mirror were eyes that were cold, empty and hopeless
But I got out

I am no longer chained to fear, to anger
I know longer hide behind an imitation of happiness
Because I got out

My eyes can never unsee that anger
My heart will never unfeel that hurt
But I got out

My dog is no longer huddled up in a corner shaking in fear
Because I got out

I still shutter at loud voices and quick hands. I will never be the same
But I got out

I hid my darkness in fear of judgement and imperfection
But now I know that love is not supposed to hurt
Because I got out

I still fight demons every day. I still push people away
But I got out

I am stronger for what happened to me
I’ve learned to love myself. That I am enough
Because I got out





Dream Big Don’t Give Up

Dream big

Don’t give up

Keep going

When you want to stop


Stand back up

Each time you fall

For even through the bad

It’s worth it all


Push through

When you are defeated

For it’s then you will find find

The strength that is needed


Forget the “what if’s”

And the “could have been’s”

Today is the day

To start again


Believe you can

Believe it’s in you

To live the life

That truly fulfills you


Dream big

Don’t give up

Keep going

When you want to stop