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City Living – Bathroom Organization

City living can sometimes mean minimal space. I’ve been in my apartment now for about 8 months and I’m still trying to figure out how to fit everything in it. This past weekend I continued trying to organize my life. Last week was the pantry, this week… the bathroom.

I don’t have a linen closet and my drawers and countertop were overflowing with all of my things, so I decided it was time to do something about it! Being on a budget, I needed to get creative, so I spent zero dollars. I just took things I had lying around the house and I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

My everyday toiletries are normally set out on top of my counter. Things fall over into the sink while the water is running and it’s all a bit mess. I wanted to clean in up, so here’s what I did. I took 2 chargers that I wasn’t using from my kitchen and a large mason jar. I stacked them together and filled in the space with all my toiletries. I used leftover mason jars from the kitchen to keep things in one place like my hairties, tweezers and q-tips.

Now, my counter is clear and I still have easy access to my everyday items. Not to much, it matches perfectly with my beach theme!



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Pantry Organization Tips

I know that it’s only February, but it was 75 degrees this week in Nashville and I caught the spring cleaning bug! I decided it was time to organize my mess of a pantry because I was making my roommate look bad.

I made a trip to the Container Store and for about $50 I now have nicely organized pantry shelves and look like I have my life together. I bought a mixture of jars to add a little contrast to the shelves. In the jars I poured in nuts, oatmeal, flour, loose leaf tea and everything else I could to eliminate bags and excess containers.

In the baskets I put my spices, cooking oils, nut butters and any miscellaneous items that I couldn’t pour into jars. Copper Wire Basket HERE

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I wish my handwriting was neater, but I guess we can’t have everything in life. I may print labels next time for a more sophisticated look. Stackable containers HERE

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