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Video Blog and Concert Recap: Dan + Shay with Canaan Smith

This past Sunday, my friend and I went to see Dan + Shay and Canaan Smith here in Charlotte. For the full experience, check out the video blog below. For a venue that doesn’t usually book country music artists, they definitely pulled in some good energy on a Sunday night. Canaan Smith opened the show debuting many of the songs that will be on his upcoming EP. My personal favorite was a slow love song called “Mad Love.” Canaan’s style is reminiscent of a mix between Luke Bryan and Eric Church. Alternating between ballads and high energy performances he showcased his vocal, guitar and even dance talents. The best part of his show for me was when he covered Nick Jonas’s “Jealous.” He saved the highly anticipated “Love You Like That” for last and came out after he was done performing to meet fans and take pictures.

Dan + Shay came out and ended with a bang playing every song off of their current album. They through a few others in there as well along the likes of Brooks and Dunn, Def Leppard and Diamond Rio. Their cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” was absolutely phenomenal. They slowed it down a bit with at the piano for their song “Fade Away,” and ended the show with vocals from the crowd on their hit single “19 You and Me.”

If the Where it All Began tour comes to a city near you, I highly recommend you make an appearance. You will not be disappointed. Hit the play button the video below and give a listen.

Have you seen Dan + Shay in concert? What do you think of Canaan’s debut song “Love You Like That?”

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Chase Rice and Old Dominion Come to Charlotte

It’s been over 2 years since I first saw an add for Dirt Road Communion on my Facebook page. That, as corny as is sounds, is how I found Chase Rice. His song, “Only a Country Girl,” has been a staple on all of my playlists since. Living in NY, he never came around my neck of woods, so I followed him via social media until my move to Charlotte. He comes around this area much more often and one year ago next month will mark the first time I saw him live. Last weekend, I returned to the Fillmore to see him again.

Old Dominion

The first time I saw Chase, he brought Sam Hunt along. I’m sure you’ve heard of him before! This time, he brought with him the band Old Dominion. Not only does Chase put on a seriously high powered show, but he seems to always find openers that know how to do the same. The best part was that Old Dominion played for a full hour before Chase hit the stage. Not very often do you ever get to see an opening act for more than 20-30 minutes. What I also loved, was meeting the writers behind some of my favorite songs. They wrote a few for The Band Perry as well, but Craig Morgan’s “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” and Tyler Farr’s “A Guy Walks into a Bar” are two of my absolute favorite songs these days, so it was cool to hear them cover those and find out they had a hand in writing them too!

If you haven’t heard of Old Dominion yet, I highly recommend doing your research now. I will admit, I’m very picky about my music and who I listen to and I’ve already purchased their EP and have had it on repeat in my Jeep for the last week. “Break Up With Him” is probably my favorite upbeat song of theirs followed closely by “Dirt on a Road.” Doing some research, I heard a song off their YouTube called “Never Stopped You Before.” I don’t know when or if that song comes out, but I’m kind of obsessed. It’s more of a slower ballad, but really shows of the vocal harmonies and sets more of a serious tone.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys! And now… on to Chase!

Chase Rice

Every time I’ve seen this guy, his show gets better and better. Even within the two months since I last saw him, he changed it up. He’s starting to input more songs from the Ignite the Night album now that it’s released, along with the old school stuff that made me a fan in the first place. “Jack Daniels and Jesus,” no matter how many times I hear that song, the goosebumps always come. Here in Charlotte, one of the biggest highlights for me, now being a Carolina Girl, was his introduction of the song “Carolina Can.” Of course I’m partial to thinking that’s the best song on the album, and I’m glad he played it last week!

He also played “Beer with the Boys,” which ranks quite high on my list as well. I think I’m a fan of this song because it’s the true way guys really think of romance. Any of the guys I know anyway. Like hey, it’s Saturday, I’m hanging with my boys, drinking some beers and having a good time, but I’ll be out of here in a heartbeat, just say the word.  A guy putting you before beer and poker lol you know he’s a keeper.

One of the best parts of the show I thought was the band solos. Each pulled out an old school song for Chase to jump in with the lyrics. One of them was Puddle of Mudd’s “She Hates Me.” A great change in tempo.

This guy knows to how to pull out all the stops in a show. He gets the crowd involved, plays to everyone’s preferences and slows it down at just the right times. Chase was certainly born to be a performer. For someone relatively new to headlining, he played a high energy show for about 90 minutes and never lost the crowds attention for a second. That is pretty impressive. Anytime he’s within driving distance, I will be there because I know he makes it worth my time. Well done, Chase. Well done. The only recommendation I have for ya Chase is maybe next time you can play a little “U-Turn” ;) …. that’s my fav!

If you haven’t had a chance to see Chase in concert yet, here’s a little recap of what you’re missing.