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Being Selfish

In today’s Quotes and Coffee Newsletter I talked a bit about being selfish and why it’s so important.


Lately I’ve been focusing a lot on myself and I honestly I feel amazing because of it. I think the “me” time I’ve been giving myself reflects in all areas of my life including how I react to things, how I interact with others and so much more.

I find that it’s been so helpful when I feel worn out to take a time out. It’s really hard to be selfish, but sometimes putting yourself first helps everyone in the long run. Here’s my “me” list that I’ve drawn up over the past few weeks. Just a few things I’ve found really help to rejuvenate my mind and body and refocus my crazy life so I can remember what’s important.

  • Getting up an hour earlier every day so I can sit outside with my coffee
  • Walking every morning with my podcast on and NO social media checking
  • Sitting at the table to eat instead of while on the computer
  • Reading a book instead of looking at my phone 30 minutes before bed

What would you put on your “me” list? Do you currently carve out time in your day or even week for yourself? What hinders you in doing so if you don’t?

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We Make It Up As We Go Along

Life… we make it up as we go along. We laugh, we cry, we fall, we rise. Sometimes we trust too much and other times too little. Sometimes we let the wrong people in and the right people go. Our hearts are fragile, but we are strong. We make mistakes and we learn lessons and that’s really all we can do. Life has no road map. There’s no clear cut path to where we’re going. We just have to live it. So go ahead and fall in love, fall out of love, dream big, fight for what you believe in, make mistakes, take risks and learn to forgive yourself and others along the way.