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Two Vanilla Lattes: Part I

The say that in order to become a better writer you just have to write. Not sometimes, but all the time. In order to get better at your craft you have to practice every day. So, I decided why not use this blog as my muse? Why not bring love to life, create imaginative places and escape from reality every day for just a moment? Why not right?! So, today I am introducing a new blog series! Welcome to the first edition of the “Let love in” short story series. I’m shooting right now to do this once a month, but if I’m inspired you may get more thrown in between. I will post part 1 on Wednesday nights and finish the story out the following Sunday. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!!

Two Vanilla Lattes

I had never felt freer than I did out on that water. The wind blowing through my hair as the docks drew closer. Soon enough I would once again find myself on the sands of that small Italian town where it all began.

It had been 10 years since the last time I had felt the waves of the Adriatic Sea splash upon my skin. Where I, a shy eighteen-year-old Manhattanite had once survived the humidity that suffocated my first summer out of high school. I was undecided. While all of my friends were preparing for fall at their respective prestigious universities, I was still trying to figure out who I was. Chasing sunsets across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the part of me I never knew.

My mother left when I was young. I think I knew even then I’d never see her again, but a part of me thought I would find the missing pieces in the place she called home. So, when I stepped off the boat for the first time all those years ago, I was always expecting to find a part of me. Instead, I lost myself in his eyes and after all of these years, though I tried, I couldn’t run. That feeling I had felt back then, splashing in the sea as he carried me, it never disappeared.

The morning that New York called me back home, I sat with him outside at our favorite café. We sipped vanilla lattes. He held my hand as tears streamed from my eyes. It was then that we had promised to chase our dreams and only look back should 10 years pass. If we had yet to find that forever love we were both to come back to that same café. We were to sit at that same table with our vanilla latte and hope that by the last drop we wouldn’t be drinking alone.

In these past 10 years failed relationships had come and gone. Some I had thought were love and others simply a hand to pass the time. No lips I had kissed had made me feel the way his did even though I tried. So, here I was stepping off onto the dock with my roller bag following behind me. I could see my hotel set atop the hill. The village was bustling with vacationers. I pushed my way through admiring all that had changed yet somehow remained the same.

The summer heat was just as I remembered it, but the sun would be setting soon. Just like it did all those years ago, a cool breeze from the sea would blow through. I had spent many nights enjoying the chill upon my neck while he walked beside me barefoot in the sand. I turned towards the beach remembering the nights we fell asleep under the midnight sky. I smiled, then began the journey up the long staircase to where I would rest my head. When morning came would he be there waiting? Would he arrive before the waiter came to take my empty glass or would I simply leave as I once did before, with tears flowing into the sea as I said my goodbyes? Only one final sunset stood between me and the reality of what was to be.