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Favorite Juice Bars in Nashville

On a hot day or after a good workout, I love being able to grab a healthy treat. I also know that I don’t eat as many vegetables or superfoods as I should so I always feel like juices, smoothies and acai bowls are a great way to get some extra nutrition in. Nashville has some pretty great juice bar options and I’m sharing them on today’s blog below!

Fix Juice Co.

FullSizeRender (10)Meet the Edwin from Fix Juice Co. This is by far my favorite tasting juice in Nashville. It’s the only flavor I’ve tried from there as I don’t get over to the west side of Nashville very often. If you want dibs though be sure to go early, especially on the weekends! I went a couple times in the early afternoon and they were out of pretty much everything. They also have great smoothies! I haven’t tried any of their grab and go food items.

Fountain of Juice

FullSizeRender (11)Fountain of Juice has a kiosk inside the Nashville Farmer’s market. I love the combinations they have and the fact that as you can see above, they have the benefits of each one written. The only downfall is their only at the market Thursday-Saturday, so stock up if you go!

Juice Nashville

IMG_0050I did the 3 day cleanse with Juice Nashville so I was able to try lots of different flavors and I’ll be honest, there wasn’t one I really couldn’t tolerate. Even on day 3 and 12 juices I was still enjoying them. Not pictured here is my favorite treat, the chocolate almond which you drink on the cleanse at the end of every day. It was a great reward! Juice Nashville also makes Acai bowls.

Daily Juice of Nashville

FullSizeRender (12)Daily Juice also has cold-pressed juices that they press at their other location and bring to downtown. I’ve had them a couple times and I enjoy them, but honestly, I’m OBSESSED with their Acai bowls. This is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to go. I’ve tried bowls from pretty much everywhere and absolutely nothing compares. All of them are ridiculously good, but the Pandora bowl is my favorite. Oh my gosh, just writing about it makes my mouth water. The only downfall is it’s located downtown so not an easy location to park and grab one, but if you happen to down there, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO stop by.

Juice Bar

FullSizeRender (13)The great thing about the Juice Bar is that they make the juices to order so you can make up your own concoction or just go with one of the many options on the menu. I LOVE the Coffee Janet and Blue Chocolatta smoothies. Their pineapple greens juice is a thumbs up too!

Turnip Truck

I love going to the Turnip Truck! They have made to order smoothies and juices as well and they’re a little but cheaper that most options. It’s also great if you need to grab anything from the store because you can kill two birds with one stone here!

Have you been to any of these? Which ones your favorite? Did I leave any out? Let me know!