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Better Than That

You and me we had it all and each day it only got better. But one day you up and walked away because you thought there was something else out there. Now here you are standing right in front me just like the day you said goodbye. But this time, your down on your knees and you’re begging me to give this one more try.

How dare you think that I would ever settle for being somebody’s second best. Somebody’s I guess she’ll do for now or until the next one comes along.

I gave you the best that I had. I gave you the best of me and you can’t have that back. Sorry can’t replace the mess you made. I damn well deserve better than that.


New Relationships: 5 Things to Remember Going in

Trust Them

If you’ve been hurt before, it’ll be hard, but until they give you a reason not to, have a little faith in them. Believe in your instincts. If you fell for them in the first place, they must have good in them. Give them a chance to show it.

Let Them In

All the way. Let down your walls. Put down the weapons and surrender. Be vulnerable. Let them love you. Let them make you believe in what you have. True love sees the beauty in your perfections and your flaws, but they won’t be able to see them if you keep them at arms length.

Be Yourself

Not who you think they want you to be. You should never have to be anything other than who you are for anyone. If they don’t accept you, all of you, then you need to let them go.

Don’t Compare Them To Others

Your other relationships ended for a reason. You just weren’t compatible. Sure, there are things you might miss, but in the end, who they were wasn’t right for you. So if your new guy/girl doesn’t do things quite like the last, it’s okay.

There’s probably lots of other things they will do that the others didn’t. Things that will make you smile. Things that will make you happy. So let them be the person you fell for. There was a reason for it.

Don’t Bring Up Past Mistakes

 It’s inevitable that somewhere along the line they’re going to make mistakes. So are you. If you forgive each other and move past it, let it go. It’s not to be used as ammo for later down the road.

They don’t need to keep paying for it over and over again. They served their time. They gave their apology and you accepted it. By doing that, that means it should stay where it belongs: in the past.

on sleeve

Advice to the Girl With Her Heart on Her Sleeve

Don’t ever stop…

It hurts. You always see the good in people. The potential. And sometimes they let you down. Believe in them anyway. Leave a space for them in your heart even when it’s time to move on because your belief in them is sometimes all the light they have.

It’s impossible to save the world, but don’t ever stop trying. Every day that you smile, you give and you love, you are making a difference. Believe that. Keep doing what you’re doing. Show people there are still good hearts left in this world.

It’s scary to fall after you’ve been broken. Don’t be afraid. Let your heart guide you. Take Chances. Even when you’re scared of how it might all turn out. Even though there is a possibility they may hurt you, love them anyway. Because that in between, those moments of happiness, the memories you will make, they will be worth it.

When somebody takes advantage of your kindness, forgive them. They don’t need to know you’ve forgiven them. You don’t have to tell them. It’s not for their benefit, but for yours. You don’t need that weight upon your shoulders. You don’t need to hold on to the past or let disappointment dim the beauty you have inside. Set yourself free.

And most of all… to the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, forgive yourself. You are gentle. You are loyal. You believe. You love. You hope. Sometimes it will pay off and sometimes it won’t. In those moments when it doesn’t, do not punish yourself. You are who you are for a reason. You are not weak, you are strong. Strong enough to see through the broken, through the damaged and the lost. Don’t ever change.

Just a little advice from one girl to another :)

xoxo, Courtney



To the Next Boy I Give My Heart To

If I let you in
Handle me with care
It took a long time for me to get here
To trust someone else enough to fall
To open up and give my all
I won’t hold back
Don’t worry, I’m all in
I’ve waited a long time to feel this way again
I only ask for you to do the same
I cannot play anymore games

If I let you in
Know it wasn’t an easy task
So from you, here’s what I ask
Always be honest, there’s no reason to lie
I know there will be days we don’t see eye to eye
But know that even through that
I’ll never turn my back
So don’t let go when it gets tough
Hold on tight, fight for us, love will always be enough

If I let you in
I promise to do the same
Through the good and the bad
Through the thick and the thin
Let down your guard
Trust in me even when it gets hard
And in your darkest moments, hold on to me
I will be your strength, all that you need

If I let you in
There’s one last thing you’ll need to know
I’m scared as hell for this heart to break
But I know you’re worth it, so this chance I’ll take
Take me as I am, love me with all you’ve got
I’m fierce, yet fragile and perfect I am not
I will make mistakes, and there will be times I try to push you away, you’ll see
But if I let you in, promise you won’t give up on me


Love Shouldn’t Have To Be Chased

Just a gentle reminder for those who need it….

“You know the crazy thing about love is the belief that it hurts. But it is not love that hurts us, it is the people we love that hurt us. You see, love in its truest form. Love that is raw and honest and genuine, it is an amazing thing and it shouldn’t have to be chased because if it’s really there it will find its way back to you. So let it be. And if it returns hold on for dear life, but if it doesn’t, know it is because that kind of love is still out there waiting for you.”




The Single Girls Guide to Dating

Let’s face it, dating at any age is difficult. Finding someone you can live with day in and day out is a challenge. But, dating at 30 sometimes can seem a bit hopeless. Everyone you know is already married, their friends are married and here you are trying to figure out where you go from here. While I can’t sprinkle pixie dust over your head and have Prince Charming magically appear I can tell you a bit of what I’ve learned for myself as I start to unravel this whole relationship thing. So here we go:

  1. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable: Go on a date with someone that isn’t “your type.” It’s time to step out of your box. The type of guy you normally go for clearly isn’t working for you, so take a chance, and try something different. At this point you’ve got nothing to lose.
  2. Uncross your arms and smile: Have you ever paid attention to the way you walk the sidewalk, sit at a bar or social event? I know I’m guilty of looking like the most miserable person ever when I’m not paying attention. That can’t make someone want to approach you. So smile, wave, uncross your arms and engage. You never know who’ll be walking by.
  3. Time will not change anyone: Yes, I know you like him. I know you want it to work out, but If you aren’t walking in the same direction and you don’t see the same future, cut him loose. You’ll be doing both of you a favor.
  4. Know Your Worth: Don’t ever settle for anything less than you deserve. There is someone out there who will balance your life. Someone who will support you, love you and listen to you. You deserve someone who makes you smile, gives you excited and adds to your life what you feel you’ve always been missing. So stop wasting time on the guys you know don’t deserve you and wait for the one who does.
  5. Watch for Red Flags: We are all guilty of this. Hindsight is always 20/20. We look back and we say how did I not see that? Or I should’ve known better. Look for the red flags. You’ll see them. And my advice, at the first sign of one…. Run. Don’t stick around for more. You don’t have time for that. On to the next.

Believe me, I know we all want to find someone eventually, but in the meantime enjoy your alone time. And honestly, just enjoy being you. There’s so much you can learn about yourself while your single that will make you so much more prepared for the next relationship that comes along. Spend your time doing that and the right one will come along when you’re ready.


4 Types of Friends Who Make Your World a Better Place

Last week was my birthday and thanks to all of my friends and their grand plans, I celebrated all week long! There was a little line dancing, concert adventure, celebration dinner times two and a cookie cake to top it all off. I enjoyed every minute of it and am so very thankful for the people in my life who made turning 31 a little less scary. That was my inspiration for today’s blog. I thought about all the people in my life and how each and every one of them plays a very different role.

It’s almost like a puzzle, I wouldn’t be complete if each of them wasn’t here. So today I’m giving tribute to girlfriends both near and far. I’m raising a nice chilled glass of sweet Moscato wine to the ones we could never live without:

She’s Rough Around the Edges: She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. If you don’t want to hear it, it doesn’t matter because she’s going to tell you anyway. She’s the friend who will keep you honest. She’ll keep you on the straight and narrow and when you veer off the path just a little bit, she’ll be right next to you to jerk the wheel back in the right direction. So don’t get angry when she doesn’t sympathize with you. Don’t get upset because she doesn’t feel sorry for you. Thank her for making you a stronger person. For showing you that excuses will get you nowhere and that a self proclaimed pity party can only last for so long before you need to put on your big girl panties, suck it up and get back out into the world.

She’s Always Your Last Call: She thinks of you all the time. She sends random messages to let you know that. You don’t talk every day, but in all those years she’s been your friend, she’s never let you down. She’s always been there when you need her. When you cry, she cries with you. When you are broken or hurting, she feels it too. When it’s 3am and you just need someone to talk to, she’ll be there. It doesn’t matter if she just fell asleep twenty minutes ago because her child finally did or she’s had a bad day of her own, if you need her, she’ll be there. Just like she’s always been because that is what she does. Even though physically she may not always be able to be there for you, she is the girl who walks with you, step by step, each and every day while you cross canyons and climb mountains. She is the friend who throws rocks at those who hurt (metaphorically speaking of course) and is ready to put up a fight against anyone who dares cross you. She is the one that will show you that real, true friendships do exist. That lifelong bonds can survive silence, distance and everything in between.

She Just Gets It: There was a time in her life when she was right where you are now. Whether going through  heartbreak, a life changing event or a midlife crisis, she understands you more than anyone else at the moment. She doesn’t judge you for the choices you make or the way you live your life. She lets you be free, run wild and even comes along for the ride. She knows exactly what you need to do in order to find yourself and accept your situation. She guides you slightly from time to time to make sure you don’t completely fall off the cliff, but for the most part, she lets you do your thing. She’s the only one you can talk to about how you feel and what you’re going through and although she knows you probably won’t take any of her advice, she gives it to you anyways. She’s the one you look to when you lose hope. She makes me you have faith in brighter days. Her strength, her loyalty and her companionship prove that good people do exist.

She’s Wgirlfriendsild and Reckless:  She takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to try things you’d never do on your own. Your feet are barely ever on the ground when you’re with her because she’s always moving so fast, but that’s okay. Sometimes you need a timeout in life and she’ll be the one to give it to you. After a rough day at work, a fight with your significant other or when the stress of everyday life becomes too much, she’ll help lift your spirits and break you out of that funk with an all night extravaganza that will help you leave all your worries behind and find your inner party girl you forgot even existed. You need her to remind you that life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously. That a little bit of fun never hurt anyone.