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Why I Can Never Just “Break a Nail”

Is there such a thing as #FlashbackFriday? Because that’s what it is today here on Girl Behind the Covers. Earlier this week I was cutting up a cardboard box to put into the recycling bin, (exciting I know, but it’ll all make sense in a second), and as I was folding the boxes, I broke a nail! Except, here in Courtney’s world, I never really just break a nail. It’s always a whole lot more dramatic than that. So that is why today’s post is going to be dedicated to lines in movies that have become a part of my everyday vocabulary. Quotes that must be said when certain things happen or else all is not right in the world.

Maybe it’s the actress in me, maybe it’s the author in me, or maybe I’m just plain crazy ha! But this is why I will never be able to just break a nail!

1. Breaking a nail is never actually my fault.  I didn’t do it you see, it was all that nailbreaker’s fault! Get those nailbreakers!

2. This is meant more as a joke than anything else, but many of my friends have been guilty of “killin me” and of course I can never use their actual name when I say it.

3. Those geese will never just be flying in a uniform formation in the sky. It will always be so much more than that!

Who remembers these? Does anyone else have lines from books or movies that has become a part of your everyday vocabulary? Let’s hear it!