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Favorite TV Couples of the 90s

Because it’s Friday and we all need a little something to get us to the end of the day! I loved 90s television shows. There will never be another generation like it. So today I wanted to give tribute to some of my favorites. Who on here do you totally agree with? And who did I miss?!?! Would love to here it!

8. Uncle Jesse and Rebecca: It’s kind of intriguing to tame the bad boy.













7. Winnie and Kevin: Young love. Happiness in its most innocent form


6. Felicity and Ben – Because there will always be something about finally getting the guy who took a leap of faith for









5. Zach and Kelly: Watching all the ups and downs all the way to the end, they will always hold a special place in my heart. Even after crazy antics like subliminal messages and faking life threatening diseases, Zach always came through for Kelly when she needed him the most….. prom, sigh I mean who wouldn’t fall for a guy like that :)










4. Cory and Topanga: I mean, need I say more?














3. Jake and Peyton: Maybe it was because I adored the likes of Brian Greenberg, but I could never get enough of this couple. I’m okay with Lucas and Peyton’s happily ever after, but I was really rooting for these two!











2. Buffy and Angel: Falling in love with the forbidden is kind of hot







1. Ross and Rachel: Because there will never be a scene better in my lifetime than the moment she “got off the plane”