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Better Than That

You and me we had it all and each day it only got better. But one day you up and walked away because you thought there was something else out there. Now here you are standing right in front me just like the day you said goodbye. But this time, your down on your knees and you’re begging me to give this one more try.

How dare you think that I would ever settle for being somebody’s second best. Somebody’s I guess she’ll do for now or until the next one comes along.

I gave you the best that I had. I gave you the best of me and you can’t have that back. Sorry can’t replace the mess you made. I damn well deserve better than that.


When We Let Go of What is Broken

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Some words I had running through my head this weekend….

“Sometimes our hearts break because we hold on too long to what is comfortable. We give one too many second chances in hopes that it might be different the next time. It isn’t until we let go of what is broken and come to terms with what is not meant to be that we free ourselves of heartache and allow happiness and love to come to us once again.”