Poetry: Your 2am Phone Call

It’s been awhile now

But I knew this day would come

You’d call me again

Telling me that I’m the only one


But I know better

I see it in your eyes

You’re just lonely ’cause she walked away again

I’m getting used to all your lies


You’ll be here awhile

Give me everything I need

Then one day I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone

She’ll come back

And you’ll move on


And here I am left picking up the pieces from the guy who left me behind

The one who made me promises I should’ve known he’d never keep

Because I never was his one and only

Just a girl to bide his time


Well these tears they stopped falling after I saw the light

I see right through you boy

There’s no more I wish I may, I wish I might


I’m not your 2am phone call

When you’re trying to kill the lonely somehow

I’m not your sometime, part-time, baby you’ll do for now


I would’ve given you the world, while she left you all alone

So the next time she says goodbye

I’d think twice before you go and pick up that phone

It’s too late now baby, someone had to draw the line

I won’t be there to pick up the broken pieces from the girl who left you behind


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