Only Time Will Tell

Saying goodbye is never easy and time is a fragile thing. Sometimes you just run out of it and you know as well as I do, there’s no way to get it back.

I needed a few more minutes to say goodbye to someone this past week, so I bought some with a last minute road trip to Columbus, OH. I’ve never been to Columbus, but I had Sam as an amazing tour guide and got to explore so many things. One of them was United Dairy Farmers where you can get ice cream 24 hours a day! I’m going to pause for a minute and let that sink in. Yes, that is real life. Ice cream 24/7.

And, after our adventure through Flower Child Vintage, I am really contemplating buying a typewriter. This shop had never ending rooms of nostalgia. This was one of the many typewriters they had. My desire to bring back letter writing is at an all time high.  


I also tried my very first Buckeye candy in the historical German Village neighborhood. There were brick roads at every turn. It had such charm and I wanted to get lost in it for hours. I probably would’ve, but I was hungry and dinner was calling my name.

IMG_0742He was such a good sport to let me take a photo in front of the little gift shop on the corner where he bought me my first ever Buckeye.


On top of eating, a lot, I also did a bit of shopping and got myself a new workout tank from Homage. I figured why not get a little keepsake to remember this trip. The only problem… I wore it the other day as I was crossing the pedestrian bridge in Nashville and someone shouted out O-H. It wasn’t until after a long pause followed by someone else’s echo of I-O that I realized they were talking to me. Oops… sorry Ohio. In that moment I failed you.


On our last night in town we went to the Columbus Clippers game and Sam caught the most perfect sunset on camera.


Then, before we said our goodbyes, I got to see his new neighborhood bar. I could tell he felt at home already.

I’m a huge advocate for going after your dreams. I truly believe you have to fulfill your own goals and be happy with who you are first before you can fully give yourself to anyone else. So, as hard as it was to hug him goodbye and get on the airplane back to Nashville, I find solace in knowing he’s happy in Ohio. He’s excited for what comes next and I’m excited for him.

It’s very possible that this is where our fairy tale ends. That Columbus is the final chapter in our story. And if that is the case, I’d like to think that in the time we had, we wrote a hell of chapter in this book I call my life.

What happens from here? Only time will tell. 


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