On Saturdays We Bake Cookies and Drink Starbucks

“For the record, I would just like to tell all of you readers that Courtney purposely called me into the front of the Jeep so she could snap this picture. I’m almost positive it was pre-planned. “ -Love, Duncan

As per the usual, I’m sitting here to write about our adventures this weekend and Duncan is lying next to me playing with his soft, squeaky bone.He and I had a fun filled weekend here in Charlotte. I tried to capture as many of those moment as I could so here we go (all picture captions are through the eyes of Duncan)!

Duncan’s newest trick: he’s learning how to shake


“Cruising around in the Jeep… I just like to lay in the backseat with the fresh air blowing through my fur”

Saturday morning we headed out on the coldest morning of the year, so far, to meet my brother and his dog for a walk around the park. He rode in the backseat of the Jeep this time. Laid right down the whole ride and didn’t make a sound. We made a pit stop at Starbucks to take a bit of the chill out of the air and then went on our way. Duncan and I hadn’t seen any dogs yet on our adventure so I wasn’t sure what he would do when he met Mika, but he didn’t do the whole dog jumping, howling thing I was afraid of. He just gave her a few quick kisses and then for the most part walked by her side the whole time. When she wanted to play he would chase her and then go back to walking when she’d had enough. He LOVED my brother. Gave him kisses too every chance he got. We walked for a good hour. He probably would’ve gone longer if my Starbucks hadn’t ran out.


“I made a new friend and I liked her a lot. She always had to be in front of me though, but that’s okay. I just strolled leisurely behind her.”

After our walk, it was time to bake some Italian cookies. I had him in the crate while I was making the dough and he laid there and watched me. When I let him out to start rolling, cooking, frosting and sprinkling, he joined me in the kitchen and laid at my feet. He loves to be where the action is. There was no trying to steal cookies or help frost them thankfully; he only wanted to feel like he was a part of it by being in the same room.

Saturday night I went to a hockey game. I heard him cry a bit from his crate when I closed the front door, but like my grocery story run that morning, I’m assuming it wasn’t for long. When I returned a little over three hours later, I walked in to find him still lying there, tail wagging staring at me. We went outside and played for a bit before it was time to call it a night. Another night he slept through the whole time! It was about 8:30am on Sunday before I looked over at him and he was still sleeping. It wasn’t until he heard me pull off the covers that his head turned to me.


“Man those cookies smelled good. I thought if I laid here nicely the whole time maybe one would fall in my direction, but no such luck. And believe my I was laying there for a LONG time.”

I left him downstairs unattended for about fifteen minutes while I got ready for the day and when I returned, I found him standing at the gate waiting for me to come down. I’m pretty sure that’s where he stood the whole time. I’m not sure we’ll do much today, but right now he seems quite content playing with his toy that I don’t think he’ll mind if that’s all  he does.

 Duncan is a foster dog currently looking to be adopted by his furever family! If you are looking for a quiet, loyal dog with lots and lots of love to give, please visit Duncan’s website here

Check back again at www.courtneygiardina.com for more adventures with Duncan!

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